Summertime and Flip Flops {DeKalb County Family Photography}

Oh summer in northern Illinois.  How we love you so.  And by we, I do mean my clients and ME as their professional photographer.  This family embraced everything about why Midwesterners LOVE summer – a warm breeze, flip-flops, beachy colors, sun-kissed skin, a casual evening stroll, a warm sunset.  And to top it all off, Grandma was in town and joined us for family photos, too!  We walked, talked, laughed, and captured some awesome memories that this special family will treasure for many years to come.  Mom did an awesome job of coordinating some beachy colored summer outfits for their photos.  She wanted to make sure that the colors were ones that they would want to see hung in professional photos on walls throughout their home.  Summer photography=love!

Things to bring for a summer photography session include: cold water for everyone, bug spray, sandals or flip-flops if you choose, comfy clothes and shoes for walking, a favorite blanket or quilt to sit on, and a big smile because it’s not winter outside.  I do bring a wagon to family photo sessions, so we can put everything in it.  Sit back, relax, and let me do the work.

Thank you for a lovely summer evening strolling through DeKalb county, “M” family!  And thank you for the jazz hands, they are just perfect!


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