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I absolutely adore families that know how to have fun.  Like, when a dad makes animal sounds or plays tag in the middle of a session.  Tag on a beautiful green summer lawn, does it get better than that?  And when the brother and sister stick their tongues out at each other, unprompted.  Because really, kids don’t want to pose for more than a few photos (if that!).  They want to run, play, have a snack, and be kids.  And I can’t blame them, I like to do that, too!  In fact, I encourage it during my photo sessions!  And mix that in with beautiful outdoor family photos, on a warm summer evening at the awesome Ellwood House in DeKalb, and we did just that.

Mom wanted a few individual portraits of each child, a full family photo, and the usual combinations of kids together, boys together, girls together, etc.  We posed a few photos, let the kids be kids, walked, talked, took a few water breaks, and the whole family even did an impromptu pile-on dad at the end.  Mom’s laugh and smile were contagious, dad had a comedic sense of wit, and the kids’ silliness all meshed perfectly for family photos that they will remember for a long, long time.   My kind of photo session!

This is the second time I’ve done this family’s photos, and it’s just awesome to see how they kids have grown, what their new hobbies and interests are, what they are learning in school, and what things they want to do over the summer vacation.  I’m so glad we were able to capture some sweet moments, “K” family!  Til next time!

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