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It’s spring in Kane County, Illinois, and that means that the wildflowers are blanketing forest floors right now!  Spring wildflowers are also called ephemerals (short-lived plants), and they can best be viewed by walking slowly and gingerly through our local forest preserves.   You may have to kneel to truly see their unique floral beauty!  These wildflowers in Kane County, Illinois, can all be quickly overlooked, so you may have to slow down, which is a good thing, right?  🙂

If you are able to get out into the wonderful forests in the Kane County Forest Preserve District, or wherever you live, remember to enjoy the spring flowers and plants, but do not take them home with you.   They are an integral part of our forest ecosystem.  Their colors range from pinks to purples to yellows and everything in between.  I am going to show a few recent favorites here, with their common name below each image.   

illinois wildflower trout lilyTrout Lily

red trillium spring wildflower illinoisRed trillium 

kane county wildflower photographyDutchmen’s Breeches (like pants hanging on a line!)

spring beauty wildflowerSpring beauties (and beauties they are!)

false rue anemone wildflowersA blanket of false rue anemone

Virginia bluebells northern IllinoisVirginia bluebells

false rue anemone wildflowerFalse rue anemone soaking up the sun

Mayapple flowers northern Illinois wildflowerMayapples (these are poisonous so do not eat)

swamp buttercup flowerSwamp buttercup

spring beauty wildflowers illinoisSpring beauties

Illinois wildflowers trout lilyTrout lily

I hope you enjoyed this virtual walk through the woods with me and my camera!  Do you have a favorite spot for spring wildflowers in Illinois?  I’m always open to scouting new areas for hiking and enjoying nature!

I also offer photography sessions for your own personal garden, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more information on these beautiful sessions!   These are called “Beauty in Your Backyard” sessions and are wonderful for spring, summer, and fall in our area.

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